Names in Unit History

This is a list of names mentioned in the 145th ECB’s unit history. The list continues to be updated.

Last Name First Name Rank Notes
Aaron R.C. Cpl. Killed in action
Allard Valmore Cpl. Missing in action
Bailey Frank E. 1st Lt. Assistant S-3
Balderston Lloyd G. 1st Lt.
Ballone Benedetto F. Tec. 5 Photographer
Balog Mike Staff Sergeant
Belair Charles A. Staff Sergeant Injured in action
Bishop Darrel B. Capt. Company C Commander
Boynton Wyman P. Maj. Executive Officer
Burle Raymond J. 1st Lt.
Burnett William G. Maj. S-3
Capet Frank PFC Injured in training accident
DonCarlos William Tec. 5
Clark Leslie S. Tech Sergeant Water Supervisor
Clark Jack R. Tec. 5 Injured in accident
Crowley Walter J. Capt. Headquarters and Service Company Commander
Dalo Sergeant
Davis James R. Tec. 4
Donaldson James R. Capt. S-2
Durocher William J. Cpl.
Fauo Alfred L. 1st Lt. Motor Officer
Fourtunidas Alexander 2nd Lt.
Gheen Robert H. Tec. 5
Gierheart William Pvt. Wounded in action
Gobout Medric M. WOJG
Graton James Tec. 5 Wounded in action
Greenwalt Robert J. Capt. Company B Commander
Gregoris Bruno PFC
Hain George PFC Missing in action
Handmore Charles Staff Sergeant Wounded in action
Hayes Wilton B. 2nd Lt. Injured in accident
Henning Lt.
Hoag Martin K. 1st Lt.
Howard Herbert H. 1st Lt. Company A Commander
Huppe Bernard F. 2nd Lt. Assistant S-2
Kainer Oscar B. Sergeant
Kuiken Herman Sergeant
Long Carl Tec. 5 Injured in training accident
Lucke William N. Capt. S-3
Malone James R. 1st Lt.
Mann Ernest Sergeant Wounded in action
McGaughey John F. Lt. Col. Battalion Commander
Medina Jesus Corporal Wounded in action
Moore James I. Sergeant
Neitge John R. Capt. Liaison Officer
Odekirk Glenn Young
Pannone Francis Sergeant Injured in training accident
Payton Ralph H. 1st Lt.
Peterson Morris Capt. Medical Company Commander
Pushkin Frank, S. CWO Assistant Adjutant
Rabin Jack Staff Sergeant
Roach Stephen A. Sergeant
Robin Joseph PFC
Roth Warren PFC Missing in action
Sanborn Edgar F. Jr. 2nd Lt. Adjutant
Schmit Raymond Cpl. Injured in accident
Schreiber Joseph 1st Lt.
Seartezina Edward L. 1st Lt.
Shay Roy PFC Wounded in action
Sheppard Benjamin C. 1st Lt.
Simpson Donald R. Sergeant Missing in action
Sorrel Robert Tec. 5
Stanley Ben W. 2nd Lt. Assistant S-2
Strobach Edwin Tec. 5
Stroup Robert PFC
Surcey Ponder PFC Killed, accidental gunshot
Trimmer John F. Cpl. Wounded in action
Van Daele Joseph C. Sergeant Injured in training accident
Waller Gerald WOJG
Ward John H.P. 2nd Lt. Reconnaissance Officer
Weber Leon PFC Wounded in action
Welke Charles J. 1st Lt.
Whitehouse Vernon E. Capt. S-4
Zimmerly Jerry Tec. 5