These pages are my effort to provide access to information about the 145th Engineering Combat Battalion and its activities during the Second World War. It brings together information prepared by others about the 145th.

My connection to the 145th ECB is through my grandfather, who served as the commanding officer of the Battalion from its training through early February 1945. Although he passed away before I was old enough to know him, he left a scrapbook with many photographs of the bridges constructed by the Battalion across France and into Germany. He also was an avid home movie maker, and left many reels of film, including numerous reels taken during the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942.

Over the past several years, I’ve tried to organize this information so that it can be enjoyed by others who have an interest in the activities of combat engineers in World War II, and particularly by those who have some connection to the 145th.

The information and photographs are mostly from two sources. The first is a unit history compiled by Captain Robert J. Greenwalt, who served with the Battalion. The second is a compilation of photographs by Tec 5 Benedetto F. Ballone, an Army photographer.

I am only getting started with my efforts to share the information I have, so please be patient! I’ll add more as soon as I can.