Other Photos

This page lists photos of Battalion activities and sights other than bridge construction. Click on the thumbnail for more information and larger images.

 Thumbnail Description Photo Location
 55 Thumbnail Blown bridge 55-57 Morhange
 79 Thumbnail Cat clearing snow 79 Arsdorf-Boulaide Rd
 81 Thumbnail Gallion clearing snow 81 Arsdorf-Boulaide Rd
 82 Thumbnail General view 82 Arsdorf-Boulaide Rd
 83 Thumbnail Work on bad curve 83 Arsdorf-Boulaide Rd
 84 Thumbnail Snow on road 84 Arsdorf-Boulaide Rd
 85 Thumbnail Snow Drifts 85 Arsdorf
 86 Thumbnail Snow Drifts 86 Rambrouch-Arsdorf Rd
 88 Thumbnail Snow Fence 88 Rambrouch-Arsdorf Rd
Removing Schu mines 93 Erpeldange
Clervaux 98A Clervaux
Rock quarry 129 Waxweiler
Rock quarry 130 Waxweiler
Destroyed bridge 144 Koblenz
Destroyed bridge 145-146 Koblenz
Destroyed bridge 179 Lenting
Destroyed bridge 180 Landshut
Destroyed bridge 181 Landshut
Destroyed bridge 182 Unknown