Photos 69-77 – Saaralbe

Photo 75 in the Ballone photo log may be from a different source. The written caption is in French. My opinion is that this is a photo of the bridge taken before the U.S. Army advanced to Saaralbe. The original concrete bridge has obviously been destroyed and a timber trestle bridge constructed beside it. The building to the left has lost much of its roof, which is not seen in the other Ballone photos of this bridge. Photo 69 shows a destroyed timber trestle bridge, which is probably the one shown in Photo 75 below.

Bridge over Saar River
Photo 75 Saaralbe (Q487448)

Caption: 70 a SAAR R. in Saaralbe (Q487448) #3 – by Co. B

The photos in the Ballone photo log appear to be out of sequence. I have ordered the photos above according to what I see as the logical sequence of construction, from the original damaged bridge through to the completed structure.

This sequence of photos is the best example of the steps taken by the 145th to construct a bridge, which is presented in more detail on a separate page.

Photos 71 and 76a were of different bridges and are listed on separate pages.

Location: Saaralbe, France
Grid location: wQ487448
Latitude/Longitude: 49.000683 N 7.032214 E
Started: 8:00 am November 9, 1944
Completed: 6:00 pm November 14, 1944
Type: Timber trestle
Length: 208 feet
Class: 40
Built by: Company B

Modern view:

69 Modern
Image from Google Street View. Note the same distinctive buildings on either side of the road, compared with Photos 69 and 74. View toward east across bridge.
73 Modern
Image from Google Street View. Cathedral on the left is the same as in Photo 73. View west across bridge