Photos 44-45 – Dieuze

These photos are a good example of the sequence of bridges put into place over time. The photos are in reverse order from the original source. They show the installation of a treadway bridge as the first step (Photo 45). The second step is the construction of a sturdier Bailey bridge (Photo 44a, looking the opposite direction in the same location). Finally, a steel stringer bridge is constructed, with the same dirt surface as the approaching road (Photo 44).

Treadway bridge in Dieuze
Photo 45 – Dieuze (Q250243) #10 – by 145th E. (c) Bn.
Bailey bridge in Dieuze
Photo 44a – Dieuze (250243) #10 – by Co. C
Bailey and steel stringer bridges in Dieuze
Photo 44 – Dieuze (250243) #10 – by Co. C

Location: Dieuze, France
Grid location: wQ250243
Latitude/Longitude: 48.812185 N 6.715272 E
Started: 8:00 am October 29, 1944
Completed: 6:00 pm October 30, 1944
Type: Treadway, Bailey bridge  and steel stringer
Length: 33 feet
Class: 40
Built by: Company C

Modern views:

Modern view of Photo 45
Image from Google Street View. Looking east. Compare the grey building on the left (partly covered with ivy) with the building on the left in Photo 45.
Modern view of Photo 44
Image from Google Street View. Looking west from the same location as above. Note the same church building in the background as in Photos 44 and 44a.