Photos 116-118, 127 – Pronsfeld

Bridge at Pronsfeld
Photo 116 – Promsfeld – by Co A [actual is Pronsfeld]
Bridge at Pronsfeld
Photo 117
Bridge at Pronsfeld
Photo 118
Bridge at Pronsfeld
Photo 127 Pronsfeld A Co

Location: Pronsfeld, Germany
Grid location: vP999743
Latitude/Longitude: 50.1601 N 6.33525 E
Started: 12:00 pm, March 8, 1945
Completed: 10:30 am, March 13, 1945
Type: Bailey, replaced by timber trestle
Length: 120 feet
Class: 40
Built by: Company A

Note: Google Street View does not include imagery from Germany. Therefore, it is not possible to examine the surrounding buildings for similarity to the 1945 photos. The estimated location is based upon the grid location and road/stream configuration.