Photos 104A-106 – Gemund

German tank near river at Gemund
Photo 104A – P876528 [Original caption indicates same location as Photo 104, Stolzemburg. Damaged building in center indicates this is actually Gemund.]
Bridge at Gemund
Photo 105 – P874554 – Gemund – Br from S
Bridge at Gemund
Photo 106 – P874554 – Gemund – Br from SE

Location: Gemund, Luxembourg
Grid location: vP874554
Latitude/Longitude: 49.98688 N 6.163564 E
Started: February 23, 1945
Completed: February 24, 1945
Type: Bailey
Length: 150 ft
Class: 40
Built by: Company C

Modern view:

Modern view of bridge in Photo 105
Image from Google Street View. Modern view of bridge in Photo 105.